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Mayan A.
Loving her company
I am just enjoying her presence in my bed. She is a partner that gives pure pleasure without even making me worried. I love to touch her private parts and enjoy foreplay till I penetrate. I have even tried different places other than bedroom.
Moderated on 10/12/2022.
Brijesh K.
Complete package of fun
The weight of the toy makes it incredibly fun to use. All the parts are soft and easily grabble. I even dress my doll to make the sessions kinkier. The two realistic entries make it feel highly pleasurable. The doll gives a realistic feeling. The delivery of the store is remarkable.
Moderated on 10/12/2022.
Amjad P.
Good as a partner
This time I played with the sexy inflatable wife that looks so pure and incredible. I have never seen such a doll that looks purely like a girl ready to have fun with me in bed. The shape of soft body parts is an added advantage for me.
Moderated on 10/12/2022.
Milkha C.
My fantasy is fulfilled
Silicone love doll is my partner in crime. I have planned so many naughty games with her that I can’t live my life without her. Her soft body parts make me go crazy whenever I start to play. Washing her is easy and hassle-free.
Moderated on 07/08/2022.
Mayan S.
Brilliant time with this toy
I am very eager to make my hours enjoyable. The doggy style Debbie makes the private hours awesome with the sexy and tender body parts. I can glide my private part in it without any difficulty. My feelings are totally indescribable but I enjoy fully.
Moderated on 06/08/2022.
Ujjal G.
Time is enjoyable with my toy
Fun is here as the masturbation becomes enjoyable with my new toy. By using spider sower masturbator I can create some enjoyable hours that are prefect to give me orgasms. With a vacuum locking suction cup the sensation persists and masturbation becomes easy. It is light in weight and carrying it is also easy. I am glad after using.
Moderated on 06/08/2022.
Sinjon .
This device wonderful
I am energized in my private hours by using this toy. It is a real-like toy that has made my life so much better than before. I can plan various activities with this soft and wonderful male stroker. Even carrying it is easy.
Moderated on 04/09/2022.
Suraj D.
Life has new plans for me
I have fetish for new kinds of toys. So, this time I have grabbed a male masturbation toy that is soft and looks very awesome. I am glad that this one is out of the box and the quality of this one has impressed me. I am happy that this one is easily washable. I am excited that this miniature girl has provided the unlimited fun.
Moderated on 03/30/2022.
Payal J.
I love this breast enlargement cream
I am a middle aged woman and I want to have a sexy look. That’s why I bought this herbal cream that made the impossible turn into reality. For the last one month I have used this cream and now I can say that the result is magical like anything. My breasts are bigger than before. I can wear any dress and that suits me as my figure looks sexy. The Pannamas Herbal Big-up Bust Cream is absolutely safe.
Moderated on 03/25/2022.
Deepti V.
Lovely time after grabbing this machine
You know girls, my thinking has changed after I used this machine. It has made me feel naughty with the seven different modes of vibration. The finest thing is that it has changed my undersized breasts into bigger ones. The remote control makes the job super easy for me. I can pair this machine with any other device for better orgasms.
Moderated on 03/25/2022.
Sapna R.
Nice experience with this kit
Time has changed my body. So, when I saw artificial hymen I bought this product and started to do experiments along with it. It is very easy to put on. After wearing this I can feel the same natural softness I had before. I can’t believe that it has provided me a way to feel better while making love.
Moderated on 03/09/2022.
Kavya S.
Enjoying the private hours in new way
I already have a good collection of sex toys. So, this time I tried a vibrating panty. Truly this one is the best to play with as it is a hands-free device that makes me go crazy whenever I want. The remote makes all the operations and I get full pleasure all the time. Even I love the pink color of the vibrating panty.
Moderated on 02/25/2022.
Kriti K.
Life is interesting and fabulous with my new toy
I already have a good collection of sex toys but I was looking for something wonderful. For that, my new nipple clamps s just perfect. It has given me a series of new feeling that takes me to new world of enjoyment. I am impressed with the clamps as it makes the private hours incredible. The egg vibrates nicely and makes me even happier.
Moderated on 02/25/2022.
Harshita S.
Fantasy turns into reality
I love to try various toys and so this time I grabbed something different. Yes, it is a electro sex kit that has pads. I can place the pads on my private area and get unlimited stimulations from that toy. Seriously, the pulsation patterns make me go crazy with naughty desires. My partner operates it for fun and the LCD is really helpful in this matter.
Moderated on 02/25/2022.
Nivedita N.
Unlimited excitement in bed
My life is stress but finally I have something that gives me stress-free hours in bed. Yes, I am talking about the sex kit that has a brilliant collection of sex toys. The steel vibrator is a fabulous one and I can attach any sleeve on it to have pure fun. There are already some fantastic accessories present in this kit that includes gel and some more.
Moderated on 02/07/2022.
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