Silicone Adhesive Stick On Gel Push Up Strapless Backless BSP-001

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    Silicone Adhesive Stick On Gel Push Up Strapless Backless Invisible Bra

    Need to wear a strapless or backless outfit, but worried about your bra showing through? Get total flexibility and freedom with the 36 24 36 Silicon Stick-On Bra.
    Our soft silicon cups look completely natural under your clothes, and the front closure creates an instant lift and cleavage.
    Wear the cups separately for additional freedom.

    How to wear your silicone bra :
    -Clean or wipe your skin to remove sweat or oil residues.
    -Place one cup at a time, positioning it in the desired angle.
    -Tightly press them against your chest to lock them in position.

    How to clean:
    -Keep in mind that the adhesive might peel off, if its rigidly washed.
    -Gently rub the silicone cups with finger tips using mild soap
    -Get rid of excess water and allow it to air dry, after which the adhesive will re-generate itself.
    -Store in a closed place to counter dust and dirt.

    The silicon cups are washable and reusable up to 25 washes.

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