Inverma Largo Penis Enlargement Gel PEC-006

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    1. If you want a thicker, harder erection and greater stamina, you need Largo. A unique blend of natural ingredients that's applied directly to your penis, it increases blood flow without raising blood pressure. Designed for short and long term use.

      A small amount is all that's needed for quick results. Simply squeeze out about a toothpaste sized blob and apply it to the full length of your penis. Allow it to absorb and then reap the benefits!

      Unlike male enhancers which come in a pill or liquid form this cream only increases blood flow in the desired area, rather than raising your overall blood pressure.

      Not only does Largo offer something other products don't, but it gives you the double-whammy of giving you both short and long term benefits.

      Apply it just before sex for an instant boost to your size and stamina, or use it daily to see accumulative results. You can expect to see the following results when used on a regular basis:

    2. Month 1: A general increase in penis size when both flaccid and erect.

      Month 2: A further increase in overall length and girth.

      Month 3: When erect, your penis will look bigger and feel firmer than ever.

      Still not sure? Why not check out our impartial reviews to see what our customers thought?

      Please note: It is advisable to do a patch test on the back of your hand before applying it to your penis to test for an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients.

      Key Features:

      • Penis enlargement cream for bigger, harder erections and better stamina
      • Works by increasing blood flow and relaxing the nervous system (without raising blood pressure)
      • Suitable for both short and long term benefits - use daily for best results
      • Expertly crafted herbal formula is safe and effective
      • Only a small amount required - absorbs into the skin easily for visible results
      • One of the most direct ways you can enhance your manhood
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