Japan Over - Long Condom (Re-Usable) PES-05

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    Item noJapan Over-Long Condom
    Brand: Baile
    Material: Advanced Medical non-toxic soft silicone
    Color: Flesh&Black (Delivery goods random color)
    Grade: First grade Products,
    Size: Length:8cm Dia:3.3cm

    1, Take out the condom, as simple as wearing a condom on the penis, bigger brother, little brother, big brother to super big, sexy woman with his provocative parts of his visits to places you`ve never been, will bring her lifetime .....

    2, Take out the condom, worn on the finger .... stylish MM is so self-satisfied feeling wonderful. (Reusable)

    --All made of imported materials, the front part of the growth is non-toxic, clean after use with water saving can be used again, the moment Barbara increase 5-6CM, you become invincible.
    --If you have deep vaginal sexual partners, always find something more to say, that this product will make her surprised!
    --As there is sufficient flexibility as condoms, designed penis head head style, the first part of the penis to thicken medical soft material made, very realistic, so that your sex life more perfect

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