Dolphin Infrared Body Messager VM-005

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    This massager is one of the latest design products to integrate the advantages of the existing massagers of the world, utilizing the light-wave principle which enables the light-wave to generate the thermal power shortly at 40-50 within 30 seconds approximately. The thermal power from light-wave carries out the massage to the meridian point of human body together while shaking, and stimulates the relevent organs for reaction, which
    accelerates the smooth of human meridian, and improving the blood circulation, to achieve the good health for the user.
    Meanwhile, it will give you a pervasive massage effect as well as large massage coverage through its weight, also it can reduce the feeling of muscle tension and foot-bottom fatigue after sports, and relief the fatigue & aching pain caused by mental stress.


    Original Dolphin Body Massager With 100% Satisfaction + 100% Best Quality


    The Dolphin Massager, a powerful, hand-held massager with three attachment options designed to stimulate pressure points and relax stiff muscles and nerves. The result is instant rejuvenation and extreme relaxation with enhanced blood circulation. High Frequency points can massage the temples, and other brain points to eliminate uncomfortable feeling of drowsiness and fatigue, poor memory and appetite.


    • Stimulates Nerve Ends By Reflexology Therapy.
    • Promotes blood circulation and body metabolism.
    • Applicable for physiotherapy of all the parts of the body
    • Relaxes muscles from tiredness and the pain of nerve
    • With speed adjusting function
    • Two Massage Adjustment for your selection.
    • Streamlined design, light and nice
    • Dolphin style can massage every part of our body
    • Reduces pains caused by fatigue or rheumatism
    • Eliminates spasm in the shoulder and Lower Back
    • Relaxes the muscles and eliminates pain caused by rigorous sporting activity

    Packaging : square coloured box + paper carton
    Voltage : Ac220V/110V Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz Power : 30W

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